The MTH Foundation was formed as a result of the untimely death of Mary Terese Hartzheim. Mary died from a rare carcinoid neuroendocrine cancer for which there is no cure. She was sadly diagnosed two months after her marriage to Fred Herlitz and was given only a 10% chance to live for a year. Mary and Fred fought valiantly and defied the odds. Mary survived four years. Fred and Mary’s demonstration of strength, courage, and determination has established the framework of the MTH Foundation and will guide us to make a difference in our communities.


The MTH Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to fulfilling the life pursuits and dreams of Mary Terese Hartzheim. We carry out this mission by funding cancer research programs and by supporting the educational endeavors of young people in Minocqua, Wisconsin.

The MTH Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Not-for-profit Corporation.


Fred Herlitz

Fred Herlitz has worked for over ten years for Nike, Inc. and currently serves as the Product Director for the Livestrong product line. Nike donates 100% of the profits from Livestrong to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, an arrangement that is the first of its kind in corporate philanthropy. Fred, who has extensive experience in sports marketing and business development, will use these skills as the MTH Foundation moves forward in fulfilling its mission. Fred also ran competitively at Arizona State University where he captained the Cross-Country and Track teams.

“Mary has changed the way I think about life. She had guts and determination and a real love of life. The people that make up the MTH Foundation Board are dedicated to fulfilling the life pursuits and dreams of Mary. I am proud to know them and I know we will do great things in carrying out our mission.”

Ann Hunt

Ann Hunt is a registered nurse working at the Urgent Care Department of a multi specialty clinic in Minocqua, WI. Ann is a six-year member of the Minocqua High School Board of Education. Ann’s health care experience as well as her knowledge of education administration makes her uniquely able to advise the MTH Board on resource distribution.

“I was born and raised in beautiful northern Wisconsin, in the town of Minocqua. I was the fifth of twelve children, Mary was number twelve. She brought good things to all of her brothers and sisters. My husband, Jim, and our three children are excited to bring the support and enthusiasm of our community to the MTH Foundation and its mission.”

Abigail Psyhogeos

Abby Psyhogeos is a Partner at Bainco International Investors, an investment management firm in Boston, MA which caters to high net worth individuals. In her 20 year tenure at Bainco, Abby has been involved in new business development, equity and fixed income research and portfolio management. Currently she is responsible for overseeing the portfolio management group and client relationships. She also participates in private equity investments and is on the board of Kodiak Group Holdings in Toronto. Abby is a member of the Board of Trustees at Bowdoin College where she earned her degree in Economics. She also lends her time to other charitable activities. Abby and her husband George live in Weston, MA with their three children.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) . “The footprint which Mary left in my heart is felt every day in so many ways; she truly was an incredibly inspiring individual. Through MTH Foundation I know we can make a difference to so many and fulfill Mary’s dreams.”

Suzanne Derby

Suzanne Derby brings over 25 years of management and administrative experience to the MTH Foundation. She received a master’s degree in Museum Education from George Washington University and served as Director of Gadsby’s Tavern Museum in Alexandria, VA. Suzanne transitioned to the business world as an Administrative Manager for an employee benefits consulting firm. Suzanne’s varied experience with non-profit organizations includes development activities, fundraising, event planning and logistics with particular emphasis on volunteer management. Suzanne and her husband, Michael, are the proud parents of two wonderful, almost grown, children.

“Mary was a huge influence on my entire family; she made us all better people. It’s a privilege to be working along with my amazing fellow Board Members on the fulfillment of the mission of the MTH Foundation.”

Dean Kyriakos

Dean Kyriakos has been a software entrepreneur for his entire career and he will bring that entrepreneurial spirit to the MTH Foundation. For the past four years Dean has worked exclusively as a volunteer helping charitable organizations raise funds by developing creative and sustainable signature events. Dean was a founding member and Chairman of the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation Junior Board at Oregon Health & Science University. He was subsequently invited to be on the Doernbecher Executive Board.

“My wife Michelle and I are privileged to have had Mary in our lives. She inspired us and taught us the true meaning of courage. Mary achieved greatness in all that she set out to accomplish. It is an honor to be part of a remarkable crew, with Fred at the helm, to fulfill Mary’s ‘life pursuits and dreams’ in a way that would make Mary proud.”

Kathleen Shelton

Kathleen Shelton joins the MTH Board with more than twenty years of medical research and community health experience. Kathleen is Vice President of The Greenwood Company, a San Francisco-based consulting firm specializing is health care and medical research-related fundraising management. Prior to this role, Kathleen worked at Oregon Health Sciences University, first as Director of Development for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and then as Director of Development for the OHSU Center for Women’s Health.

“Mary was so comfortable in her own skin, always open, friendly, supportive and positive, even during some very trying times. Not to mention a sense of humor and quick wit that kept even Tiger Herlitz on his toes! I hope my work with the MTH Foundation can bring that same spirit to people who need a bright star to looks towards in their lives.”

Braden Hartzheim

Braden Hartzheim has worked in the healthcare field for over six years serving as a Radiation Therapist and as a EMR trainer.  He resides in Minocqua, WI and works throughout Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Aspirus Health.  Braden has dynamic experience with cancer research while working at Children’s Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin. 

“I had the privilege of calling Mary my Aunt.  Her ability to fill every day with laughter and joy was such an inspiration to me.  The MTH Foundation is a great way to share Mary’s amazing qualities with the world.  I am so humbled to be part of this journey and cannot wait to pursue the dreams of Mary.”